Home Safety

When caring for a person with Alzheimer's disease at home, safety and accessibility are important concerns.

Make potentially dangerous places safe by

  • Locking hazardous areas and ensure cleaning fluids are not available.
  • Place door locks out of sight
  • Use safety devices such as child- proof locks to limit access to places where knives, appliances, or equipment are stored.

Avoid injury during daily activities by

  • Monitoring water and food temperatures
  • Installing grab rails and walk - in showers
  • Preventing falls from slippery floors especially in bathrooms.

Be aware of hazardous objects by

  • Limiting the use of knives, lawnmowers and cooking equipment
  • Supervising smoking and consumption of alcohol.
  • Removing objects like coffee tables and floor lamps etc that could cause falls.
  • Checking and cleaning the fridge frequently and removing inedible food.


  • Keep a list of emergency phone numbers and addresses for e.g. your GP, Clergyman, Hospital, Ambulance services,Electrician etc.
  • Check smoke alarms, regularly,if installed.
  • Know the name of your local Public Health Nurse,GP and Carer if involved.
  • People who need to know should have a copy of the list.